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Members of the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto are invited to nominate a person to receive this award. No more than one candidate is eligible to receive the award in any fiscal year for the Society. There is no obligation or requirement for the Society to make an award in any fiscal year. If a suitable candidate is identified, the Executive Committee will make a recommendation to Council who may, at their sole discretion, make a final decision by a majority vote as to whether an award will be given in that fiscal year and if so who the recipient of the award will be.

Any awards will be presented at the Annual Dinner of the Society. The award shall be a plaque or other appropriate award approved by the Council of the Society.


The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto Award was created to recognize the outstanding contributions made by members of the Medical, Legal or Scientific community. This award is the highest expression of esteem which the Society can convey and is intended to honour those members of the Medical, Legal or Scientific community who have made a significant contribution to their profession as well as either the Society or the community at large and whose contributions are consistent with the values of the Society.


The Grant Farrow Award was created by the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto in honour of Dr. Grant Farrow, to recognize a young or mid-career member of the Society for outstanding contributions to the Society, their profession or the community at large.

The Dr. Grant Farrow Award is awarded in honour of Dr. Farrow's contributions to the Society. Dr. Farrow was a long-standing member of the Society and renowned urological surgeon and teacher. He exemplified the best traditions of the Society including professional excellence, civility and collegiality between the medical and legal professions.

The Criteria:

  • The professional must be a member of the Medico-Legal Society and be in good standing for a minimum period of two years.
  • The professional must be in their early or mid-career. It shall be in the discretion of the awards committee to decide whether a professional is mid-career, with this being loosely defined as the first half of the professional’s career. The understanding is that the MLST Award has been traditionally awarded to a senior professional, whereas the Dr. Grant Farrow Award will be awarded to a more junior professional.
  • Nominations will be put forth by the members of the Society and must have a description of the contribution made by the nominee, which are in keeping with the Society's objective for the Award.
  • Nominations for the Award should be received 6 months before the event, and voting completed 5 months before the event.

An award committee consisting of 5 members of the council or the executive will convene and vote on the nominees put forward for the Award.

The nominated recipient will be acknowledged, and receive the Award from the Society our AGM.

What our members say...

"What we love about this organization is that it is a forum for intelligent discourse on these issues in an environment where none seek any personal recognition. It is not an expensive organization to belong to. It is risk-free and benefit-rich and we feel lucky to have been a part of it, both personally and professionally, over many years."

Brian J.E. Brock and Philippa G. Samworth
Recipients of the Medico-Legal Society Award

MLST Award Recipients


Dr. Shawn Whatley
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grant farrow

award recipient

Andrea R. Lim


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